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A successful integration of automated blood sampling (ABS) into the telemetry instrumented canine cardiovascular model is presented in this study. This combined model provides an efficient means to quickly gain understanding of potential effects on key cardiovascular parameters in dog while providing a complete Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) profile for discovery compounds without handling artifacts, reducing the need for a separate pharmacokinetic study.” Please see below for the products required to replicate this study.

BASi Culex-L ABC

Automated Blood Sampling System which takes programmed sample volumes at programmed times to have precise and accurate pharmacokinetic information.

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SAI Infusion Technologies Extension Lines

Polyurethane Extension Lines with catheter connectors to fit a wide range of swivels. Use catheter to swivel extension lines to connect the fluid line from the animal to the pin-style swivel.

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Lomir Biomedical Jacket, Tether, Swivel

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The Lomir Dog Jacket incorporates many materials, special features and fabrication methods, which combine to increase comfort for the subject, as well as ease of use for the handler.

Constructed from flexible interlocking stainless steel, machined aluminum end pieces and stainless steel end plates, our large animal tethers allow ease of movement for the subject, while eliminating interference and damage to the catheter.

Lomir’s large animal swivels are manufactured from high-impact plastic or stainless steel in standard gauges (16-22), for 1-3 channels, supplied with a “C” clamp and designed for repeated use.

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Access Technologies GridLock SwirlPort

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Access Technologies’ SwirlPort has an enlarged and radiused contour septum, which makes it easy to find while reducing skin necrosis.

The spherical chamber of the SwirlPort results in more complete port flushing, resulting in a ‘cleaner’ port that limits the formation of sludge and so minimizes infection and occlusion opportunities.

The GridLock technology offers a peripheral grid for needle stability during long-term access and a center sweetspot for standard access.

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AVA Biomedical Catheter

AVA Biomedical has a variety of specialized catheters designed specifically for preclinical infusion and sampling models, which can be customized to your specifications.

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DSI PhysioTel L Series Telemetry

PhysioTel Digital L series implants are ideal for use in Safety Pharmacology studies because these highly-accurate devices were designed to last long enough to use the same implant and subject across several studies.

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