The world's only wearable automated blood sampler

Fluispotter® is a compact, wearable, automated blood sampling system for large animals manufactured by Fluispotter ApS. It is available to the biomedical research community exclusively through BASi Research Products. 

Fluispotter® is used by inserting the catheter into the jugular vein and then attaching the device with an adhesive patch on the back, covered by a jacket or bandage. This allows the animal to move freely in the pen. It can also be worn in combination with other devices such telemetry or infusion pumps.

Obtain up to 20 hours of stress free sampling while animals move freely in their home pen without supervision. The device automatically collects Volumetric Dried Blood Spots (vDBS) onto PerkinElmer 226 bio-sample collection paper at a requested rate. 

Fluispotter (1)


  • Automated extraction, collection, and storage of up to 20 dried venous blood spot samples over the course of up to 20 hours.
  • Adjustable sample volume from 3 µl to 10 µl with an accuracy of ±0.5 µl. 
  • Samples are collected at time points predetermined by the operator ±1 min with a sampling frequency of up to 1 sample per min.
  • Drops of blood are dispensed onto a strip of PerkinElmer-226 paper at a requested rate and can subsequently be analyzed in vitro one by one.
  • Device weighs only 70 grams.
  • Records and data logs can be qualified for GLP.

The Automation


Automated and stress-free sampling anytime, anywhere


  • Hands-off sampling allows animals to remain calm and stress-free during collection. 
  • Wearable technology allows the animals to roam free in the home cage where they are most secure and comfortable. 
  • Improved human-animal bond and reduced fear as staff interactions can focus on positive reinforcement and bonding rather than restraint for sampling.


  • Collect blood samples anytime day or night without human supervision needed, therefore eliminating the need for inconvenient shifts. 
  • Freedom from time-consuming and labor-intensive manual sampling, thus improving efficiency.
  • Optimized physical ergonomics and reduction of injuries associated with repetitive motion and manual restraint of large animals.
  • Improved human-animal bond and increased job satisfaction. 

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